The Wedge

What’s it like to be a Jew against the occupation of Palestine? The Wedge is a podcast by and about anti-occupation Jews delving deep into the Subject That Shall Not Be Named. Join The Wedge biweekly as we talk about Israel/Palestine, human rights, and memes from our bubbies.

Episodes Date

Tahel and Hana // socialist-zionist camp // moonbases Center for Jewish Non-Violence @cjnvgram on instagram and @cjnvtweets on twitter
May 12, 2019
moriah ella mason // co-resistance // mom // throwing pennies //oops Center for Jewish Non-Violence instagram: @cjnvgram twitter: @cjnvtweets   Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism: http...
April 28, 2019
Gillian // i fell in love // prime minister of Jews // this is oooouuut of control // unfunny jokes
April 13, 2019
minyan phone tree// the sabra jew// a liberated image// memes from my Bubbie   Support Antwon Rose's family on cash app at $AntwonsMother Ben's article, "Decolonizing Jewishness: On Jewish Liberation...
March 31, 2019
@mtthewrubiin // hey queer jews // a roundabout tale of bill peduto // memes from my bubbie Skin in the Game:
March 10, 2019